The Advantages of Purchasing a Second-Hand or New Vehicle

There are plenty of questions involved in the process of buying an automobile, but the first, most straightforward one is probably the most important: Should you purchase new or used? To help you choose, we’ve laid out the advantages of both below. Keep in mind that although there are more edges listed on the new side, the professionals in the column that are used are ones that are huge and in many cases can be more to your edge.


Chances are, you can spec a new car only the way you need it, or possess the dealer search […]

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Is Now the Right Time to Buy a Car?

The unemployment rate in America is the highest it’s been in 25 years, and more jobs are disappearing by the day. It’s a chilling, unsettling time in which many people are scrutinizing every cent they stockpiling and spend cash. New-car sales have fallen off a cliff, but now may really be a great time to purchase. Here’s why.

There Are Amazing Deals to Be Had

Everyone understands the U.S. auto industry is in trouble, but few are aware of the fact that import-brand automakers are also in dire straits.

Why try to stem that tide yourself? Because when car companies start to panic, […]

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Car-Purchasing Negotiating Guide

In case, you walked up to the cashier at your local grocery store using a gallon of milk in hand and said, “It says $2.49 on this sticker, but I’ll give you a buck-fifty,” you’d be going home thirsty. In the event, you walked into McDonald’s and said, “I don’t see a lot of people eating Big Macs today. I’ll take that value meal off your hands for only three dollars!” You had left hungry. Pay deal, and you are giving the dealer thousands of hundreds or–in most instances– of dollars in added profit.

Considering the car dealership is a company […]

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First Time Car Buyers

Let’s discuss how to buy cars/automobiles! How do you negotiate the car price, or know the dealership is reliable, or REALLY find out the car is isn’t a clunker, or avoid the ridiculous overpricing that first-time buyers experience?! Find out in this, one of our most frequently-requested videos.

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Types Of Cars

Learn about the different types of cars you see on the street every day in this video. It seems that automakers have intentionally made it difficult to classify vehicles. Why? They want their cars to stand out, and will often try to market a vehicle as a new category.

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Car Tire Review

What Type of Tire Should You Buy? Car Tire Review, Speed Ratings, and Tire Types explained by Jeremy in this Proctor Car Tips episode. Watch as he provides a review or discussion of various car tire types. He also gives insight on tire speed ratings that help increase safety. See the entire video for the full info.

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A Guide To Buying Your First Car

Here’s your road map for car-buying success, created with the first-time new-car shopper in mind. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be able to navigate what can otherwise be a complicated and daunting process. Once you’re armed with good information, you’ll find that buying a new car is faster and easier than you could have imagined.

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